The Chemically Dependent person undergoes 5 stages of treatment as under:

Detoxification (Dissipation of toxins from the body): On admission, the patient is provided a separate room with attendants round the clock to monitor his withdrawals. Medication if required is provided to smoothen the withdrawals (Duration – around 3 days to 1 week).

De-addiction (Stabilization): After detoxification, the body stops asking for the drug, but the mind still wants it. During this phase (around 1 to 1½ months), the patient gradually starts to live a normal lifestyle one day at a time without the mental cravings of the substance. Emphasis is put mainly on educating the patient about the disease concept in detail.

Rehabilitation: (Around 1 ½ month): Merely staying away from the substance in a fortified infrastructure (forced abstinence) does not work. In this phase, intense counselling by experienced peer counsellors lead the patient to identify the root causes i.e. his character defects which lead him to drink or use and learn the coping skills to deal with them without the use of mood altering chemicals. A positive change in the patient is facilitated. Coping
skills like dealing with fear, anger, guilt & shame, stress, etc. are practiced.

Relapse Prevention Program : (Approx 15 days): When the patient is ready to step out, he is made thoroughly aware of the risk factors which can lead him to the first drink/hit and be
prepared to deal with them using the support systems accessible to him. His SWAT analysis,
Daily Schedule, etc. are prepared.

Post Discharge Follow Up: Since Addiction is an incurable yet treatable disease, our job does not stop on the patient’s discharge. Ours’ is a lifetime commitment. Once discharged, the Centre, Counsellors & the faculty automatically become the secondary support system for the patient. A consistent follow up by our support team ensures prompt help to our patient in need assuring he does not take the first drink/hit. We maintain a cordial rapport and continuous follow up with the patient and his family to ensure his safety and steady progress
in Recovery. He becomes a Permanent Family Member of New Hope Trust.

Following activities are incorporated during the tenure of treatment:

Counselling, Yoga, Meditation, Gym. Workout, Input / Output Sessions, In-house AA/NA Meetings, Daily Inventory, Prescribed AA/NA reading, AA/NA Recovery Step Working, Confrontation sessions, Entertainment, Audio-Visual Education.