The Chemically Dependent person undergoes 5 stages of treatment as under:


This is the first step in treatment of alcohol or drug addiction. It is a natural process that occurs in the body as it gets rid of the toxins () alcohol & drugs) from the system in the form of urine, etc.


After attaining normally, getting aducated and with some positive identification, the person becomes willing to change. This begins with changing the way one thinks.

Post Discharge Follow Up

Once discharged. the centre, counselors and the faulty automatically became the secondary support systems for the patient. a consistent follow up by our support team ensure prompt help to our patient in need.


After going through the detoxification phase and experiencing withdrawals, the patient feels comfortable physically. The body has stopped asking for the substance however the mind is still preoccupied.

Relapse Prevention

Once changes are observed in the patient (during his tenure and after finishing the first 5 steps of AA/Na). We feet that he is ready for discharge. 

Treatment for the Family

Addition is a family illness. One addict affects the whole family. Since he (the patient) is dependent on the chemical and the family is dependent on him (mostly emotionally), they too suffer from co-dependency.

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