Addiction is a family illness. One added affects the whole family. Since he (the patient) is dependent on the chemical and the family is dependent on him ( Mostly emotionally), they too suffer from co-dependency. Wherever the patient is affected, mostly in similar or magnified proportions, the family gets affected. One must remember that the addict generally capitalizes on the family’s weaknesses. The fear, concern, overcare, etc, shown by the family are unfortunately perceived as weakness by the addict which enables his addictions as a result the entire family suffers.

For the addict, the chemical acts as anesthesia to his emotions. He is numb. Because the family does not consume alcohol/drugs, they feel the pain. This results in them suffering more. They too need to get out of this. We conduct family counseling sessions for the co-dependents to address these kinds of issues.

The family also happens to be the primary support system for the addict and therefore they too need to equally educated regarding the disease. We at New Hope Trust Rehab take extra efforts in educating the families regarding issues like how they should respond, detachment with love, or tough love, the do’s and don’t’s etc. thus enabling strong support to the patient. We also help them join self-help groups like the N.A. / A.A. or family anonymous and do counsel them even after the patient’s discharge on any issues they need help with. The family of our patient also becomes a part of the family of New Hope Trust Rehab.