Once changes are observed in the patient (During his tenure and after finishing the first 5 steps of N.A. / A.A.). We feel that he is ready for discharge. However, before stepping out he should be made to be aware of all the risk factors which may lead him to relapse.  Therefore a prevention plan needs to be prepared to minimize or eliminate as much risk elements as possible.

With the help of the counselor, the patient carefully prepares his relapse prevention plan taking into consideration all risks and the support systems available and accessible to him.

Finally, he is given all the suggestions/instructions to lead a sober life once he moves out. This includes what precautions he should take; how he should go ahead with the remaining N.A. / A.A. steps, etc. After that final send-off session, he is discharged with a commitment of coming to the center periodically for follow-up.

Post-discharge follow up

Since addiction is an incurable yet treatment disease, our job does not stop at the patient’s discharge. Ours is a lifetime commitment. Once discharged, the center, counselors, and the faculty automatically become the secondary support system for the patient. A consistent follow up by our support team ensures prompt help to our patient in need assuring he does not take the first drink/hit. We maintain a contract rapport with the patient and his family to ensure his safety and steady progress in recovery. He becomes a permanent family member of NEW HOPE TRUST.

The patient is also supposed to be in touch with the center (personally or on phone) to discuss & get counseled regarding unresolved or fresh day to day issues. His stay in the center post-discharge is absolutely non-chargeable.