For the majority of people, the habit of alcohol addiction generally escalates from selecting to have a drink sometime or finding it tough to moderate the habit of alcohol consumption. In fact, for most of the people, there is a fine line between being in charge of the habit of drinking and having the alcohol to control them. Actually, alcohol addiction works as a chronic illness, which gets just worse with time.

So, in case your habit of drinking is impacting your life in a completely different manner and if you are unable to get rid of this habit even if you desire, then only the alcohol addiction treatment centres can help you. It is because, acknowledging the requirement for assistance from an alcohol treatment centre works as the initial step towards addiction recovery.

Treatment for alcohol abuse or addiction mainly works with the goal of total abstinence. As per a conducted research, the alcohol rehabilitation program offered by an alcohol rehabilitation centre in India can bring 50-60% permanent abstinence. The scope of treatment improves greatly in case the addict in a good health condition and also has a great support from the family members and society.

Generally the alcohol addiction treatment centres in India like the alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai offers specialized, client centred and comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment programs, which really help the patients to recover in a caring and safe environment. Through a number of addiction counseling and educational sessions, the patients can achieve insight into different issues while developing new abilities and skills to live a sober and healthy life.

With different treatment options, which deal with alcohol addiction, an alcohol rehabilitation center offers the necessary strength; hope and knowledge to the addicts that they need to make the best choices to rebuild their lives.

The initial step to recovery in alcohol addiction is at that point when the addict accepts that he/she has some issues and therefore admits to seek professional assistance. The residential treatment is undoubtedly the best option here as it allows the addicts to move into a sober and clean environment. Therefore, by being away from the total destructive environment that surrounds the addicts and by getting complete support from the counselors, peers and other trained staff of the alcohol rehab centre, the addicts can get total help in the recovery process.

Now let’s get the details of different stages of alcohol addiction treatment process:

  • Detox or Detoxification: Alcohol abuse for a longer period can actually lead to residues of all the substances in the body. In the detox process offered by the alcohol treatment centre in Mumbai, the addictive substances are removed from the addict’s body. Therefore, the addicts go through the withdrawal symptoms under the supervision of trained supervision of the addiction treatment center including physiatrists and physicians.
  • Rehabilitation: The rehabilitation process offered by an alcohol rehab centre in Mumbai mainly uses a structured 12 step process to treat both the dysfunctional and addictive behaviors. This program is really beneficial for improving the self esteem and health of the addicts while regaining their confidence to live a healthy and fulfilling life.
  • Maintaining sobriety: Becoming successful in rehabilitation entirely depends on maintaining sobriety. Though self motivation has a major role here, but still support also works as a crucial factor to become sober in later life. In the addiction treatment centers, sobriety can be maintained by:
  1. Group counseling sessions on an weekly basis
  2. Recovery letters on an weekly basis
  3. In person or by phone counseling sessions individually
  4. Access to the phone support from the staff members of the addiction rehab centre at any time.