Alcohol & drug de-addiction and Rehabilitation in Mumbai

The ever growing problem of the disease of alcohol / drug addiction has become a menace. Those affected, either face premature death or the mental asylum if not treated in time. We firmly believe in the fact that the patient is not responsible for the disease but only he is responsible for his recovery. All he needs is help. We can’t do much about curtailing the supply of drugs in the country but we can definitely help those affected to arrest the disease.

Why us ?

Our sole aim in starting New Hope Trust Rehabilitation Centre is to facilitate Recovery of the patient through care, education and counselling thus enabling him to lead a sober drug free life.

We strongly advocate the most successful age old “12 Step Recovery program” of AA/NA and have incorporated in-depth detailed working of all the critical steps in an environment conducive to recovery.

Our firm efforts are also to try and change the perception of the significant others and society from treating the addict as a ‘mad’ or’ bad’ person, to a ‘sick’ person suffering from a chronic disease; A person who needs to be supported in his recovery and not ridiculed, abused or abandoned. The family of the addict, who is generally ignorant and equally victimised also needs help. Since they happen to be the primary support system for the patient, we put in extra efforts educating & counselling them, thus strengthening them in providing support to the addict in his recovery and also freeing themselves from the clutches of co-dependency.